Gem-O-Light Model 1a —-click for more info Updated 2023 version


Gem-O-Light, the ultimate gemologist identification torch tool.

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Our flagship model of the most dynamic and versatile gem identification flashlight on the market today.

After years of struggling to find the right torch to provide the correct spectrums of light to identify gemstones in our collections and inventory, we have developed the ultimate tool for the industry.

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This state of the art tool includes the following features:

Daylight- a wavelength that closely mimics sunlight so you can see what stones may look like in natural light.
Incandescent- many stones such as alexandrite and some garnets and sapphires will exhibit a distinct color change in a typical incandescent light given off by a tungsten filament. This wavelength closely mimics that of the traditional bulb or even the light of a flame, such as a candle.
Infrared light- has many applications, so being explored as we speak…stay tuned.

Longwave (A) UV 395 nm
Longwave(A1) UV 365 nm
Blue Amber Inspection light, as of now, I cannot pinpoint the exact spectrum. I have personally used it to differentiate between natural and artificial amber and I’ve used it to examine jade, in which applications the light penetrates so strongly that you can have good idea of what resides inside of the stone, at the same time the light being blue it seems to not wash out the colors and inclusions making them easier to see.

Also, another feature I have never seen before it causes certain fluorescent reactions in some stones, such as a calcite clam from Florida glowing bright red.

Includes two focusing cones to pinpoint light. Each cone, rather than using the threads, has precisely measured O-rings to snap into place and the opening measures approximately 8mm.

Manufactured using hi-tech aluminum alloy with a stainless steel body with integral ruler and built-in belt clip.

6 powerful LED’s provide 6 spectrums of light with multiple intensities

This tool will help you identify many different varieties of gemstones.

Standard- built-in 18650 rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery with onboard charging, no separate charger needed only a standard Included USB cord

On board battery has been tested to 1200 cycles of charge and discharge with expected lifetime over 10 years charging every 3 days.

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