3. How do the buttons work?

Category: Everything you need to know
  • Button Functions:
    • The UV button (closest to the USB port) cycles through UV Spectrums and an intense Blue light:
      • 1st click: UV365 Wave
      • 2nd click: UV395 Longwave
      • 3rd click: Blue inspection light
      • 4th click: OFF
      • Subsequent clicks cycle through the spectrums.
    • The other button operates similarly, cycling through two intensities each of:
      • Bright daylight
      • Dimmed daylight
      • Bright incandescent light
      • Dimmed incandescent light
      • Bright infrared light
      • Dimmed infrared light
    • Smart feature on the natural light side allows holding the button to dim the light. Holding for about 3 seconds activates a flash, and the next click turns off the lamp.
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